EZBack Pro by EZMUSCLE, build muscle, back support for benching workouts and machines

About Us

EZMUSCLE is an Australian based fitness brand with customers globally. We have sparked a movement within the health and fitness industry to raise awareness of how important it is to get your form correct when training, especially when lifting heavy weights.

EZMUSCLE is led by its founder, Anthony Nitti, who formed the company in 2021, with the aim of creating a simple and high-performance fitness product that will do wonders for those who are training.

The EZBack Pro™

I’ve been using the EZBackPro™ for just over 6 weeks and the results are incredible. This simple piece of equipment not only helped improve my form but has assisted me immensely in building strength. I’ve never felt my muscles work as hard as they do when using the BackPro. It’s a well designed product for those wanting to get the absolute most out of their workouts. If you want to invest in anything to help you on your fitness journey, The EZBackPro™ is the product to buy! You won’t regret it

~ Rose | Owner of White Wings Female Training Studio

Weight loss transformation with the EZBack Pro
Perfect form, strength and durance using the EZBack Pro

The EZBack Pro™

I am 65 years old and been training with Anthony for the last three years. I had all sorts of shoulder and lower back issues.

Overall I have improve in strength, now I am able to lift 60kg on the bench press and 100kg with deadlifts.

Some issues was on going no matter what treatment I did due to my poor posture until I used The EZBack Pro™. Now I am able to lift with no strain on my neck or lower back

~ Sylvia

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