Unstoppable gains both in and out of the gym start with the EZBack Pro™. This revolutionary training aid will drive you to extreme performance levels, revving up your strength to heights beyond your previous PRs.

Sending Workouts into Overdrive

Right now, the world’s most dominant athletes and top fitness influencers are turning to the EZBack Pro™ for radical results, maintaining their position at the pinnacle of fitness. Here’s how:

3 Perfectly-Aligned Levels – The EZBack Pro™ features 3 arch levels, conforming perfectly to your body for maximum performance and a head-turning physique
Proven Confidence Boost – Studies by Harvard show that power posing boosts testosterone, confidence, and Neuroendocrine levels, which the EZBackPro promotes
Supercharged Results – With high-powered efficiency at heart, the EZBackPro propels your body toward extremely fast lean muscle growth for absolutely 0 wasted gym time
Eradicating Injuries – Whether you’re in the recovery process or trying to avoid future injuries altogether, the EZBack Pro™ is a safe and orthopedically-trusted training aid
Total-Life Improvement – Research from the top psychologist Amy Cuddy shows that strong postures, developed by using the EZBack Pro™, directly lead to greater power and authority in work and social situations alike

Robust, Scientifically-Backed Results

According to lessons from Tony Robbins and Harvard researchers, body language is contagious. How you move and breathe changes how people perceive you and drives positive biochemistry. The EZBackPro’s posture-perfect design sends stress levels into retreat while skyrocketing your physique and how you feel.

Stop wasting your gym time! The EZBack Pro™ is the one piece of gym equipment that you need to take your results higher than ever before. Our inventory is going fast, so act now!

Supreme Muscle Growth and Fat Loss

If you’re ready to melt away fat while sparking lean muscle gain in your chest, back, shoulders, arms, and even legs, the EZBackPro is the one-stop-shop. Here’s how it works…


Perfect Arch Alignment

After extensive testing, the EZBack Pro™ has 3 levels. Start by aligning it on your bench or machine where your back naturally arches


Secure in Place

Secure the EZBack Pro™ in place using the easy, built-in straps


Start Lifting

Arch your back around the EZBack Pro™ and lift the barbell or machine handles as you normally would for results that yield a breathtaking body build

That’s it! With the EZBack Pro™ in place, you can optimize 100% of your
workout for guaranteed results faster than you’ve ever experienced before.

Australian-Designed Quality

Training equipment from Australia has a proven track record of astounding quality and rugged durability. The EZBackPro was proudly designed and developed down under.

Reaching Your Apex Physique Starts Now

You deserve the guaranteed results, explosive muscle growth, and performance surge that the EZBackPro provides. Supplies are limited. By ordering now, you can hack your way to a shredded look as you relentlessly power through the fitness goals you’ve always dreamed of!

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