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Bench presses are a classic exercise for strength development and building muscle, but they can also be difficult to get right. If the weight is too heavy or you don't have correct form, it can easily lead to injury or soreness. Luckily, the revolutionary THE EZBACK PRO™ makes it easier to work out - and safer! The ergonomically-designed equipment holds your body in the proper position for a safe and effective chest press, no matter how heavy you're lifting. In addition, its unique power containment design ensures that only the muscles in your chest are working, so there isn’t any added strain on other parts of your body. With this amazing piece of fitness technology, Peisha was able to attempt her first 50kg bench press since returning from injury with confidence - and she was amazed at the results! Whether you want a stronger bench press or just an overall better workout experience, THE EZBACK PRO™ is like a dream come true. Not only will your chest be thanking you for using it, but so will your risk of injury barometer!  With this device you can confidently improve your performance without worrying about nasty injuries.   




As mentioned Bench presses are an essential part of any serious workout regime and form the foundation of developing upper body strength. Unfortunately, this exercise can also put athletes at risk for should injuries involving the rotator cuff muscles. This is why it's so important to find balance between pushing your limits and being mindful of your body's capabilities. Knowing your own abilities and paying close attention to motion and form can help you reach your fitness goals without compromising your safety. In this video, April effectively showcases how she begins by testing her limits with a 60 kg chest press – all while shoulder injury free! Similarly, Sam elevates his bench press weight to 110kg/242lbs while ensuring not only proper position, but also avoid an injury.  If you're looking for that extra bit of help perfecting your Bench Press form and improving on your Bench Press lifts, THE EZBACK PRO™ is a great tool to use to perform Bench Press exercises safely. It helps correct Bench Press stance as well as other workout positions in order to alleviate any stress placed on affected joints or muscles commonly associated with Bench pressing and other exercises alike. Trainer confidence combined with proper posture puts athletes in the best possible position for success and safe physicality.  With dedication and perseverance anyone can reach their maximum fitness potential and improve their overall performance safely!  

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This is not just your average fitness gadget but rather something that will change lives by helping them achieve optimal health through weight loss while building sustainable muscle gain

Watching experienced gym goers like Daniel, Anushka, Tae, and Greg putting their bodies to the test and pushing their limits is incredibly inspiring - especially when they use a product like THE EZBACK PRO™. When working with heavy weights or intense exercises, such as Bench Press or the Chest Press that Daniel demonstrated, proper form and position can help to prevent injury while simultaneously improving performance. We watched Anushka attempting Olympic Bench Press with proper alignment, chest up and back arched, and it was clear that utilizing  THE EZBACK PRO™ made her feel extra secure throughout her workout. Meanwhile, Greg found that THE EZBACK PRO™ throughout her workout. Meanwhile, Greg found that THE EZBACK PRO™ was perfect for assisting him during his lateral raise machine; it kept his elbows tucked in tightly for maximum power output without overextending himself. Lastly, adding THE EZBACK PRO™ to Tae Split Squat routine allowed her to move freely with more ease than ever before by giving her more control over form and positioning. Watching the videos of these incredible athletes using THE EZBACK PRO™ reinforces why the product is so beneficial - after all it's ideal for helping athletes get into the ideal training position and stay there better than ever before!


Daniel Olympic Bench Press 110kg/242lbs to 120kg/264lbs Watch this video

Anushka Olympic Bench Press 35kg/77lbs to 40kg/88lbs Watch this video 

Greg lateral raise machine with THE EZBACK PRO™ Watch this video 

Tae THE EZBACK PRO™ Split Squat routine for better positioning Watch this video



THE EZBACK PRO™ is a revolutionary new fitness product that is designed to help athletes of all levels improve their workout and maximize muscle building. The adjustable bench press allows users to adjust the tilt angle, height, and width of the barbell to find the optimal shoulder-to-hip ratio ideal for a posture arch. The bench press can then be locked in place so that your body will maintain a straight line when training. Additionally, THE EZBACK PRO™ offers an array of dynamic exercises that utilize Olympic movements and include core strengthening, flexibility exercises, and strength building. It allows athletes to move without restrictions while performing intense lifting sessions that stimulate muscle growth while increasing flexibility and strength. THE EZBACK PRO™ are also perfect for recovery workouts such as stretching or foam rolling after heavy lifting. Watch Australian IFB world champion Sugar Neekz demonstrating THE EZBACK PRO™ or AEW wrestler Brian Cage trying it out for the first time or see Army veteran Flip Gordon go at it with THE EZBACK PRO™ - you'll quickly understand why this amazing product has been embraced by professional athletes around the world!  THE EZBACK PRO™, everyone can get stronger faster with greater skill development and improved posture. You owe it to yourself to experience 



Watch our athletes use THE EZBACK PRO™. Their experiences in this amazing product!

Australian IFB world champion Sugar Neekz use THE EZBACK PRO™ Watch this Video 


AEW Brian Cage use THE EZBACK PRO™ for the first time Watch This Video

Professional wrestler and Army Veteran Flip Gordon go at it with THE EZBACK PRO™ Watch This Video 



 Fitness Centres and Beyond! 


THE EZBACK PRO™ is revolutionizing the fitness world and helping to improve spinal health on a global scale. The device is easy to use for both beginners and intermediate gym-goers, making it an easy introduction into working out for those with limited experience in the gym. The Thoracic and lumbar spine control feature ensures users are able to make correct muscular movements as they advance in their exercises, taking their form and motion to the next level. Personal trainers and gym staff at locations around the globe can benefit from using THE EZBACK PRO™ as well by gaining invaluable insights into proper form while educating members on how this device can enhance their workout. We are dedicated to creating awareness of THE EZBACK PRO™ around the world so more people have access to it's amazing features in order to benefit from its wonderful properties for improved physical fitness. The journey has already started and we are excited to see where it will take us! The ultimate goal is that THE EZBACK PRO™ becomes an essential product in gyms everywhere because everyone deserves access to the highest quality equipment possible.

See? I told you it would be amazing! 

That's why we absolutely recommend giving THE EZBACK PRO™ a go today! It's definitely worth every penny!  You'll start feeling the difference immediately!  Give it a try now - you won't regret it!