Pilates Weight Bangle

$39.95 $79.99
Introducing the Pilates Weight Bangle! This clever piece of equipment makes adding extra resistance to your pilates or yoga routine simple and stylish. Set yourself up for a more effective burn with our range of Pilates Weight Bangles in .5kg and 1kg weights.

You'll love having the opportunity to elevate your workout in a snap, giving you more options and an extra layer of challenge. Not only will you work out harder, but you'll end each session feeling good knowing that you've taken the next step on your fitness journey.

Our Pilates Weight Bangles are the perfect companion for all levels of workouts—their light weight won't hinder your breathing and movements while their sleek design will ensure they remain aesthetically pleasing throughout your regime. From beginners seeking new challenges to advanced athletes pushing their physical boundaries, this bangle is ready when you are!

At Pilates Weight Bangle we're dedicated to motivating and inspiring our customers. We believe in gently encouraging everyone to be the very best versions of themselves through both challenging and rewarding activities like ours. Our product could be just what you need to take your workout regime from ‘nice’ to ‘great’!

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