Cork Eco-friendly Roller Bundle

$69.95 $149.95
Let’s face it— working out can be a challenge. And afterwards, you might be struggling to reel from all that tension in your muscles – but don’t worry! Our cork roller set is here to help.

This biodegradable roller set is made from top quality cork, so it not only looks great, but feels great too. It’s the perfect product for helping to reduce pain and alleviate muscle tension after those hard-hitting gym sessions. Plus, thanks to its natural materials it’s highly durable and built to last.

Our cork roller set provides a gentle massage while helping you stay relaxed and focused on the task at hand. After using this roller set, your body will feel rested and ready for the next day of activity.

At our company our mission is to provide you with products that inspire health, positivity and self-care – which is why this cork roller set is perfect. Take care of yourself with a little love by trying out our amazing cork roller set today! And remember, life happens outside of your comfort zone - go ahead and make it happen with us!

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