Cork Eco-friendly Yoga/Pilates Mat

$49.95 $69.95
The perfect companion for your yoga practice, the Cork Yoga Mat is here to care for you and your practice. Made from cork, a natural, sustainable material, you can be sure that this mat will support you not only physically but also environmentally too.

You may have noticed that after time, most standard rubber or plastic mats start to degrade in quality — not the Cork Yoga Mat! A perfect combination of firmness and springiness allows maximum comfort during even the toughest of poses. As it's cork-based with a thick foam centre layer it has extra cushioning so it won't hurt your joints during long practices. What's more, the Cork Yoga Mat doesn't slip around as easily as other materials allowing you to keep yourself steady while going through your practice.

Plus, by investing in the Cork Yoga Mat you'll never need to buy another again — with its extra-long lifespan and durability this much-loved product stands out from competitors.

Eco-friendly and non-toxic this mat is kind not only to you but also the environment. And when finally your Cork Yoga Mat reaches end-of-life you don’t need worry about it ending up in landfills — made from natural biodegradable materials it can be safely composted at home or with an industrial composter without any waste or harm to our planet.

Bring some sweetness into your yoga practice with the Cork Yoga Mat today and reap healthful benefits for both body and soul!

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