11 Proven ways to lose weight and belly fat - Free Nutrition guide included

11 Ways Proven Ways To Lose Belly Fat


1. Avoid Alcohol 

Alcohol it stops your liver enzymes from digesting food - here's why your body translates alcohol as a toxin

It causes your liver to go on overdrive and put everything else on hold. After your body stops digesting the alcohol consumed, any food consumption whilst intoxicated causes your liver to overwork. Your body will first address the alcohol then the food which by then, the fat from the food is already stored. In addition to the slowing down of digestion, alcohol contains high levels of glucose, sugars and carbs that are also difficult for your body to break down and digest.


2. Avoid food that contains Trans Fats: 

Trans fats are considered the worst type of fat you can eat you can consume

Unlike other dietary fats, trans fats, properly known as trans-fatty acids, raise your LDL "bad" cholesterol and also lowers your HDL "good" cholesterol.

Consider eating trans fats as double trouble for your heart and your body. When a major organ gets attacked, your body works hard on trying to heal. I like to consider trans fat as RUST -- it weakens your heart by clogging the arteries, in turn, your body has to fight inflammation which may leave you tired and fatigued through out the day.

3. Eat food foods that contain dairy and natural sugar in moderation:

Eliminating dairy can help with weight loss. Although we love milk and it's a great source of calcium, it also contains high levels of lactose which is milk sugar that can easily be stored as fat in your midsection and love handles. Avoiding or limiting your dairy intake will give you a higher chance of losing belly fat. Dairy products such as milk and yoghurt contain unsweetened sugars that are called lactose. Other natural sugars include fructose that can be found in our fruits and veggies that we eat every day which contain other health benefits if consumed in moderation. 
If you're trying to lose stubborn belly fat, avoiding dairy and sugar for seven days you will make a huge difference. 
Realistically, it won't be easy to avoid fruits and veggies such as onion and apples, however, if you are aware of your own daily RDI(recommended dietary intake) for healthy consumption of foods and nutrition facts, then you can easily monitor the sugars and dairy you consume daily. This is not a form a calorie counting, rather greater awareness of what your body is having to digest on a daily basis. You will be easily able to decipher which foods are causing digestive unrest and illness.



4. Eat Soluble fiber

    Soluble fiber absorbs water and helps slow down food as it passes through your digestive system. (This allows the body to process food through the bloodstream and gathers more oxygen around the muscle fibres) 

    • Reduces your body's ability to absorb fat which increase the healthy gut bacteria
    • May reduce overall heart disease risk
    • Lowers LDL (low-density lipoprotein) the bad cholesterol and blood sugar levels
    • lower inflammation in the body like joint or belly pain and help you digest and feel better




    4. Eating on time everyday

    Best to keep this one simple when it comes down to losing belly fat, losing weight or even building muscle -- your body need a food routine. Your digestive system needs consistency, whether you following a low carb, keto or high carb for example, your body needs consistent work and break times.

     For example: If I have to eat three times in one day I will split my meals every 4.5 hours -- 8am,12:30pm, 5pm. After that I will not eat again until the next day.

    Consistancancy will trigger your body's memory, it will begin the digestive process around the same time you eat every day which gives you a higher chance of increasing your metabolism. When you create a schedule for your body to work and rest, it creates a blue print -- it will understand what and how then keep you full untill your next meal because it knows when to expect it.  


    5. Training different times.

    Now working your muscles is a little different to working your digestive system. The shock to your muscles when it doesnt know a workout is coming can be a greater benefit and give you better results and burning affect. Although this can make it harder to stay motivated as it can keep you fatigued, the result and benefit is greater. That's when nutrition and working out go hand in hand -- when your spontaneous workouts have left you fatigued and unmotivated, fuel your body with some good nutritious foods to keep you going throughout your day. (Healthy saturated fats are great for daily fuel and burning unwanted fat -- try a bullet coffee: 1 tsp coconut mct oil, 1/2 tsp palm sugar and your favourite coffee blend, minus the diary of course)


     6. Weight Training


    Weight training is beneficial for EVERYONE whether you want to build muscle or lose fat. The only problem is difficulty isolating the muscle group you are intending to use

    For example:  If you are doing a chest press how are you targeting the muscle? Most issues when chest pressing is the mover use of the shoulder rotator cuff. This is due to bad posture and lack of motor skills. 

    Did you know doing a chest press requires control from your back? Your arms follow the movement because your back retracts and anchors your shoulders in place which create natural lumbar support to provide further range of squeeze and push movements

    If you are controlling the weight, keeping a upright posture this will increase  testerone about 30% in both males and females(in a biological sense) during the lift and decrease your cortisol (stress hormone) about 25%. You can read more about the 'power pose' here -- Forbes: Power Pose By Amy Cuddy 


     7. Cardio (aerobic movements)

    Cardio is an important part of working out for most people and sometimes that's all their workouts entail. Cardio is a huge assist in burning belly fat: why is that? Think of this - if your body naturally burns 1300 cal a day and you do another 400 calorie burn through cardio which means you can eat more! In this case you can eat at least 1700 cal and still wont gain weight. But if you eat less than 1700 calories you can start slowly or quickly burning off belly fat.

    Doing cardio every day also improves your respiratory health and increase stroke volume of blood being pumped into your heart. Fitness wise this allows you to train harder over time and can be beneficial to challenge yourself in different ways.

    If your stroke volume stays strong throughout consistently over the years, it will definitely add more years to your life than someone who doesn't trin or exercise 

    Examples of cardio exercises include:

    • Jogging
    • Running
    • Jumping
    • Circuit training 

    Anything that increases your heart rate at elevated levels is considered cardio even s*x ;)


     8. Good Sleep


    Sleeping is a huge factor inhibiting and debilitating your daily routines

    Why? Less sleep causes further fatigue which then sends stress signals to your adrenals, in turn this will increase your cortisol levels and assist in weight gain. Your body will respond in three ways when it's not rested:

    1. Inflammation - you'll find that you may look a little heavier in the mornings as your body is swollen from not given enough time to rest and and restore. In addition to overall swelling, joint pains! Knees, wrists, ankles, back etc

    2. Fat gain - One bad day of eating including a short sleep can cause your body to rush the process and store fat.

    3. Lack of motor skills - This one is noticeable in the workplace. When your brain is too exhausted to accept information from your neuro-system. 


     9. Calm the F##K down

    Yes! You need to lower your stress levels. Most issues in today's society is from stress and anxiety. Adrenals produce the cortisol hormone -- too much of this hormone will without a double store fat, lower your sex drive and potentially affect your thyroid. 

    An hour a day of mindfulness can assist in the R&R you need without taking a vacation out of your super busy life. Put your technology away, put some soothing music on, read a book or do some arts and crafts. Shift your focus onto something calming for an hour that doesn't require too much thought but allows your mind to pivot it's focus onto something else


    10. Eat Plenty of Protein

    There are a variety of proteins and protein supplementations to suit all diet types such as vega, vegetarian, pescaterian etc --

    If your a vegan your main source would likely be peas, broccoli, brown rice. Bare in mind that you will require large amounts to get sufficient amounts of protein in the above -- you can supplement this with pea protein shakes or some sort of vegan protein powders which are usually available now at your local supermarket or natural health food stores

    Certain fish such as Tuna have adequate protein intake -- you can also supplement more protein with vegan protein powder. Try and find one with lower carb levels as this can be counter productive. It's matter of adjusting your intake to suit your needs 

    If you love to eat everything the options is simple - if you have an open diet then, traditionally, chicken, turkey, steak etc are excellent sources of protein. although, turkey is your best option as it contains less fats than most meat and poultry 

    High amounts of protein will increase your lean muscle and promote fat loss by increases the release of the fullness hormone PYY.

    PYY functions as an appetite suppressing gut hormones this will decreases appetite keep you full until your next meal.


    11. Incorporate 15 to 30 Different Plants into Your Diet Each Week


    Nuts, seeds, pulses, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are all excellent sources of nutrients that help to promote a healthy gut. Garlic, onion, Spinach, broccoli, and whole grains are especially beneficial due to the presence of prebiotic fibers that nourish “Great” gut bacteria.



    Sample Nutrition Plan:

    Burn belly fat and lose weight

    Try this:



    • Protein -- 25g
    • Carbs-- 15g
    • Fat-- 10g

    Meal 1 (09:00) 800ml water

    25 grams whey protein powder 7 egg whites, scrambled or boiled

    1 teaspoon flaxseed oil 1.7 oz or 50g Spinach

    6 blueberries


    Meal 2 (12:00)

    800ml water

    5.2 Oz or 150g Fresh tuna or grilled chicken breast

    1oz or 30g S weet potatoes-only on training days 5.2 Oz or 150g steamed broccoli

    150g steamed broccoli

    Meal 4 (15:00)

    800ml water 

    24 grams whey protein powder 3.5 Oz or 100g lean fish

    3.5 Oz or 100g steamed asparagus

    Meal 5 (18:00) 

    3.5 Oz or 100g grilled chicken breast OZ = Ounce

    3.5 Oz or 100g steamed broccoli G = Grams

    1/2 teaspoon flaxseed oil



    Try this plan for SEVEN DAYS you will notice a differences in your body if you stick with the times of day and consistency (WARNING DO NOT SQUEEZE TWO MEALS INTO ONE FOOD SESSION

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