7 Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy During the Holidays


The holidays are a time for indulgence, but that doesn't mean you have to let your health and fitness goals fall by the wayside. With a little planning and some self-control, you can enjoy all your favorite holiday foods while still staying on track. Here are seven tips to help you stay fit and healthy during the holidays.

1. Don't skip meals. Skipping meals will only make you more likely to overeat later. Eat regular meals and snacks throughout the day to keep your hunger in check.

2. Watch your portion sizes. Just because it's holiday food doesn't mean you need to eat twice as much. Stick to reasonable portions of your favorite dishes, and save room for seconds of the healthier items on the buffet table.

3. Get moving. Exercise is a great way to offset all those extra calories you'll be consuming. Make time for a 30-minute workout three times a week, even if it means getting up a little earlier than usual.

4. Limit your alcohol intake. Too much alcohol can quickly sabotage your diet and fitness efforts. Stick to one glass of wine or beer, and alternate with water or a calorie-free beverage such as seltzer water or unsweetened tea.

5. Avoid sugary drinks. In addition to limiting your alcohol intake, it's also important to watch out for sugary drinks such as eggnog, punch, and fruit juice cocktails. These drinks can contain hundreds of calories and very little nutritional value.

6. Fill up on fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are always good options when you're trying to eat healthy, but they're especially important during the holidays when tempting treats abound. Fill up on fiber-rich fruits and vegetables before indulging in other holiday foods.

7 . Choose quality over quantity.  When it comes to holiday sweets, it's better to indulge in one or two high-quality items than a whole plateful of lower-quality alternatives. A few bites of mom's homemade apple pie are more satisfying—and more nutritious—than half a dozen store-bought cookies. By following these tips, you can enjoy all your favorite holiday foods without packing on the pounds. So go ahead and indulge—just do so in moderation!



Overall the holidays are a time for family, friends, and food! But just because it’s the season of indulgence doesn’t mean you have to abandon your health and fitness goals altogether. With a little self-control and planning, you can stay on track while still enjoying all your favorite holiday dishes. Follow these seven tips, and you’ll be sure to stay fit and healthy all season long !

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